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Flexible Accounting 2000+ is an accounting system software solution designed and developed in Nigeria by Nigerians. It is a fully integrated on-line accounting system software package designed and developed by experienced chartered accountants and software engineers in Nigeria. By on-line we mean that every posting made will automatically update necessary files thereby making it possible to have up-to-date reports. The software can be used both on stand-alone computer (Single User) and network of computers (Multi-User) systems.
Flexible Accounting 2000+ is packed with many outstanding features, which make it easy to use, robust, error-free and user-friendly without loosing any of the principles of standard accounting.  Anyone who is familiar with Windows environment and its applications can use Flexible Accounting 2000+ without any problem. The Software is a standard application written for Windows 95/98/2000/NT, Windows XP, Vista and 7.
Flexible Accounting 2000+ delivers all the convenience of a full-featured accounting solution and also offering you maximum control over your accounting system at a price you can afford.
- Fully Integrated (All the modules are linked with the General Ledger)
- Multi User, Multi Currency and Multi-site capabiliy
- Standard Report (Exportable to Microsoft Excel)
- Includes Report Generator
- Standard Application written for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP and Vista.
- Useable on a stand-alone and on a networked set of computers
- In Built Advanced Security
- Comprehensive on-line documentation
- Robust Relational Database Management System (ROMS)
The software is made up of the following modules:
1. General Ledger
2. Cash book
3. Budgets & Budgetary Control
4. Planning, Budgeting & Monitoring System (PBMS)
5. Procurement/Contract Monitoring
6. Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
7. Personnel Information System
8. Payroll (The PayMaster)
9. Accounts Payable
10. Projects (Contract) Accounting
11. Stock Management
12. Fixed Asset Register
13. Equipment/Plant Maintenance Planning System
14. Job Costing & Bill of Materials
15. Sales Order Entry
16. Point-of-Sales


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