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2010 FADAMA III Annual Training

NPFS Annual Training 



Market Place

We have delivered Flexible Accounting 2000+® and web applications to many businesses in transportation, health care, manufacturing, financial services, accounting, agriculture, food service and government.

Consulting services

Professional Services Groups in Tokuns International Ltd provide implementation assistance, consulting and training to help users maintain detailed and accurate reports in their chosen markets.

Product development

Tokuns Flexible Accounting 2000+® software development teams are based in Kaduna, Nigeria. Tokuns also market and support the company’s products and provides IT services all over Nigeria and some West African countries.


Tokuns International Ltd is the trade name under which the company operates. It was established in 1988 with the name NigerArea Computer Systems. Tokuns International Ltd was incorporated formally, in 1992. The company is a wholly owned Nigeria firm providing software vertical market services in Windows and Web based applications.

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